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Not every person is willing or capable of defending themselves with a fire arm or any type of a weapon.I always remember an old boss used to carry a 357 on his hip barely covered by a vest. one day some one was stealing from behind our shop and he pulled his 357 and told the guy to freeze and the guy charged us and my boss started shaking. I was only 16 and had to get into with the guy and my boss never jumped in but some fellow workers did
I was so lucky that day as I learned 3 things that day

1-Some people who will carry and draw a gun are not mentally prepared or trained to pull the trigger

2-Never draw you gun unless you are prepared to destroy the thing its pointed at

2-Some people are not afraid of getting shot and will count on knowing not every one is going to fire the gun




Sometimes its a mistake to force some one to carry a gun to make you feel better

I have a dog for my families protection in case they are not capable of protecting themselves. The dog knows that is its purpose and is ready for the job
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