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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
Don't be ridiculous! I have no, 'penchant to proselytize'. I'm perfectly willing to let you go to Hell all by yourself. (Won't bother me in the least!)

What I am possessed of is a multi-dimensional personal intellect; and my interests are broad ranging. What do you think? That all I want to do is talk about stupid guns and shooting all day long! I'm, also, a moral man who believes that modern technology without ancient morality is a sure and certain way for anyone to destroy his very own soul.

My social manners are, also, much better than yours. If - IF - I were to disbelieve in God I wouldn't do what you and your ilk do, and go onto the Internet to offend, or take, 'cheap shots' at everyone with better developed religious sense.

You guys can be such big crybabies! You're, all, really good at dishing it out; but, when you get it back, all you do is whine and complain. Speak for yourself there, GD. Personally I don't want to be remembered as a, 'great gunman', or a guy who really knew shooting, and his Glocks. I'd much rather be remembered as a faithful and loyal Christian, instead.

If my posts, their content, or viewpoint, offend you, ....... well, instead of taking, 'cheap shots' and posting snide remarks the way you usually do, how about trying the, 'Ignore' button. (But you don't have that sort of social etiquette; do you!)
If only there was a subforum dedicated to religious drivel....
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