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Originally Posted by Berto View Post
Being worthless has its perks.
Worthless is wrong Berto,sorta like that former Mexican Mayor.She got whacked for her beliefs and actions.They did spare her kid/s.Whereas a Muslim attacker would not have.There is honor on some levels.The old mob would not touch women or kids.

Originally Posted by PaulMason View Post
That is a point many miss. Look at Europe during WWII. 12 million were killed in the camps, yet, there were a lot of people who did nothing about it and in doing so enabled it happening.
Paul,good point.The thing yer missing is they ain't in camps.They function among those that seek ta dominate them/and or attempt ta force SHARIA around the world.

What most are missing or chose ta ignore is this:Is that Islam is both a POLITICAL and a RELIGIOUS entity.They change cloaks as well as a chameleon.

They use the "religious" or the political side of their mandate ta further their collective goals.

Giving the "devil" their collective due it does met results,look at France.That nation has areas that Cops are "verbotten".'08.
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