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Originally Posted by Gray_Rider View Post
Over the course of many, many years of CCW I have reached for my CCW on a few different occasions. Thankfully most occasions were false alarms. I have fully drawn three times if memory serves. Twice, my reaching changed the channel of would be attackers. They knew I wasn't going after a Snickers bar. I am familier with making a flawless presentation too. Three times I have drawn. The first time I realised I had my gun out was when I heard the distinct "click" of my 1911's safety being swept off. I was dead center on the area I wished to send a message to but thankfully no one was there. The sound of my storm door's latch being hit started the action. Alas it was the house settling that caused the sound, but muscle memory worked perfectly just the same. I fully expected to see someone leap into my hallway .5 seconds after the "bang" of the door. One other time I heard the sound of running feet, and I fully expected to be charged by a person or persons unknown. Thankfully, once again it was a false alarm, but my draw and aim was good.

Awesome that you have great reflexes, but do you have any family in the house? You have to be SO careful about that. I had a similar situation about 3 months ago. Heard a loud bang downstairs in my apt and jumped up (Sig P220) in hand and ran downstairs adrenaline pumping. Without even realizing, I had reached over and felt to see if my wife was still in bed before I went down there like a house of fury....fortunately my daughter is 2 and still in a crib in the next room. Always know the whereabouts of any house guests/family members before you start waving ol' hot iron around
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