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Originally Posted by Turbodiesel View Post
I have a question regarding my girlfriend. I am going to a police academy in a few short weeks, and my father is a retired Law Enforcement Officer himself. I realize there are evil people in this world and we must stand ready to defend ourselves if necessary. That being said, I live in a mostly rural area. As such, whenever I try to teach my girlfriend anything about self defense or firearms she rolls her eyes as if "nothing could ever happen to her, especially HERE!" No one she's ever known has had anything bad happen to them, so how could it happen to her in our home? I just want her to be able to at least know the basics about firearms and how to use them, since they will be around the house and I would like her to know how to protect herself when I'm not around. How can I bring her to reality and get her interested in her own defense?
A rural area would be the most ideal place for a sexual predator to attack. Nobody to come running for help or hear her screaming. If she refuses to really take on a defensive mindset, and go practice shooting and/or pick out a gun for herself, I'd just buy her a 38 special and tell her "here, it's there if you need it". One thing about a 38 special, you can teach someone how to use it without even making them really shoot it. So simple, load the rounds, close the cylinder, point and shoot. Or cock the hammer if you have time. Also the chance of accidental discharges with a 38 is slim to none. Still though, it would be in her own best interest to familiarize herself with firearms.

I feel your pain though, I live in a major metro area, have a wife who is terrified of guns (she grew up in a place where guns are outlawed, and only outlaws have guns, Mexico), but I more or less forced her to learn to shoot a Glock safely and efficiently. She went kicking and screaming (not literally) the whole time, but at this point I am more than confident she can handle a Glock, a 357 magnum, and/or an AR15 safely and effectively if need be.

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