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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
I've just been picking up a ton of anti-muslim on glock talk. Not saying that's your point of view, and it's definitely not mine, but it's just something I've noticed recently. And I love to pick at all the things I see that I consider stupid, which I why I tossed it in.
Well not for me it really had not much to do with GT at all and I have had those feelings for some time.
However you are right that I and others have become more vocal about it in the last couple of years.

But if one just sits idly by and says nothing then they are just as responsible and or will never change anything.
The times we are in do call for more actions and not being a pacifist on the sidelines.
I wished more people would open their eyes and see Islam for what it really is.
Islam has waged war with us for a long time, we just have not acknowledged that fact or dismissed the seriousness of their intents.

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