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Originally Posted by tsmo1066 View Post
In modern combat, a fight is more often decided by reaction time and hand-eye coordination than by sheer strength. To use your own gambit, should someone call "time out" in a firefight to wait for the slower male soldier with lesser fine motor skills to draw aim and accurately fire at a threat?
Oh I have had enough and must inject some reality here. My personal experience when I was 40 I was trying for a new job. They tested for hand eye coordination with a group of us who were applying, there were 50 in our group, mostly women and some men like me. Every test I came in second, to a guy who appeared to be around 35 or so. I was amazed that none of the women ever beat us as I had heard the mantra that women usually have better hand eye coordination. I'd just retired from the USAF and had always accepted the "fact" that women were naturally better hand eye coordinated, which fell flat when I directly had to compete on terms that neither of us had ever practiced on. I also at the time attributed it to me never having taken illegal drugs or in my case almost no alcohol thus my mind being cleaner than the general population.

Infantry is not PC, you DIE and others DIE if you cannot pull your weight. your life/mission is very important and is generally VERY miserable and it is not a video game, you must carry/hump heavy gear, and not just on flat clear land. I've had friends who were in the 25th Light Infantry while we were in Hawaii who told me of the up and down the slopes they did in the jungles there while carrying there gear (one was the guy with the mortar)and they were just exhausted when they got back. Women as a rule, are not built to withstand that, and this is just to get to the fight, not fight and sustain/win.

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