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Originally Posted by berfles View Post
Thanks for this thread, I too was looking at getting a Bravo Concealment holster (D.O.S.) but maybe I'll look at Raven as well. Never had a holster before, not even sure where I'd want to have it on me, but we'll see.
Yeah my biggest reason will be for ccw. I found some youtube videos. Maybe it'll help. May be it will only make the decision more difficult. The more I look the more I think either would be a great option if kydex is your option (It seems like kydex vs everything else is the toughest decision.)

Note: some references in the videos might be slightly nsfw. not that you should prob be watching these at work..

RDR IWB - MrColionNoir

Bravo Concealment - MrColionNoir

D.O.S. Bravo - cory07ink (Range Time with Cory and Erika)

Bravo Kydex - cory07ink (Range Time with Cory and Erika)

Raven Phantom - Sturmgewehre (Military Arms Channel)
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