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Originally Posted by KSUGLocker View Post
Not to be nosy, but how much do you have in it?
Best as I can remember w/tax & S&H

PSA 16" Dissipator Upper ($400)
RRA Lower w/ RRA Small Parts ($300)
Magpul ACS Buttstock (OD Green) ($80)
Ergo Pistol Grip (OD Green) ($20)
Daniel Defense Chrome BGC ($200)
Badger Tactical Latch ($20)
Never Quit OD Magwell Grip ($20)
MI BUIS (OD Green) ($80)
Eotech 517 ($470)
MI Drop In Railed Handguards (OD Green) ($170)
Magpul VFG (OD Green) ($20)
TLR-1 Light ($100)
Larue Rail Covers ($20)

So roughly $1900 or so. Hard to remember prices exactly as I have bought them over time and for different rifles.

Still using the cell phone camera for now, I moved the light and VFG around a bit.

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