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Originally Posted by Remington 870 View Post
Mr.deer slayer that one statment about travel with a locked gun in your trunk is not true. you will get arrested if you get cought driving through the city with a locked and unloaded gun. nyc does not adhere to the federal laws. there have been many people that have gotten arrested in the airports through out nyc with there guns properly stored in checked baggage. even though its federal law nyc cops disregard any transporting of firearms by non police types.

I've never been arrested for traveling THRU NYC or out of its two airports with handguns. To date I've had...over 3 dozen interactions with NYPD/Port Aut PD flying in/out with guns.

I've also been pulled over in the NYC area, guy saw the rifle case in my SUV type vehicle, he asked about it, I pointed out to him they were inaccessible to me while I was driving, and I had no passengers - that was the extent of it.

Do you have any links to any cases of people traveling THUR NYC with firearms properly secured who were arrested? Excluding flights out of JFK/LGA of course.
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