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- Wendover Utah many many years ago (20?). In a hotel room when some guys start kicking at the door of the room. Grabbed the Glock 19 and ran to the window. They see the gun and take off running at what looked like 90mph.

- Seattle WA 12 or so years ago. Walking to a restaurant at night with my wife, and my daughter who at that time was still in a stroller. Group of some urban youths decided that we looked like good targets for a strong armed robbery. Flip back shirt and rest hand on grip of my .38 snub. Yes I did have a CCW permit making it legal to carry. They see the gun and take off running at what looked like 90mph. (typical pattern when bad guys release that they employed faulty victim selection methods)

- Colorado many years ago. Middle of the night we hear pounding/kicking at the front door of our condo. Guy screaming that he was "going to kill all of us {bleepers}". Grabbed gun, called cops. One cop shows up, then eventually 3 more cops show up and take him down in the parking lot. Drunk, high, and had outstanding warrants. He was so drunk/high he didn't even know where he was. He never saw the gun since he never go into the condo, but it was pointed at the door just in case he breached the door.
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