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Originally Posted by Remington 870 View Post
Mr.deer slayer that one statment about travel with a locked gun in your trunk is not true. you will get arrested if you get cought driving through the city with a locked and unloaded gun. nyc does not adhere to the federal laws. there have been many people that have gotten arrested in the airports through out nyc with there guns properly stored in checked baggage. even though its federal law nyc cops disregard any transporting of firearms by non police types.
Of course my statement is true

I can't control what a particular cop will arrest for, but there is nothing illegal about traveling through NYC from upstate to Long Island with a properly locked unloaded handgun, and a valid NYS pistol permit to carry.

NYS law, Section 400, number 6 "Such a license to carry or possess shall be valid within the city of New York in the absence of a permit issued by the police commissioner of that city, provided... being transported by the licensee in a locked container and the trip through the city of New York is continuous and interrupted."

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