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Only once ever, least year. It was around 10:15PM on a Wednesday and my fiance was at some sort of function at her college. Being that I was carrying (IWB- but still), I didnt go into the school library with her. Instead I waited in the starbucks across the street. Anyway, when she texted me saying she was done I went and picked her up outside. We started walking back, and I lit a cigarette (I smoked at the time). 50 yards away from the library someone starts screaming "Stop! I told you to stop!" and a man emerges from behind some industrial equiptment and a dumpster next to the starbucks I was just at. We keep walking and he starts out at a run yelling for us to stop. He was definitely homeless. Around 6 foot, heavyset with the front of his shirt completely unbuttoned. I told him to step back or we'll call the police. He starts with some gibberish I cant understand save the "Put out my cigarette" and I again tell him to go away. We start walking again and he keeps coming at us again to the point where I cant turn my back to him any longer. I again yelled at him and told him to leave and my fiance called the police. When she got on her phone he moved quickly towards my fiance and says "pocket tax" and reaches behind his waste (Where we would consider small fo the back carry). It was then that I drew my G19 in I swear the most fluid draw I've ever done. I point the weapon at the man and yell for him to stay back. He then stops in his tracks and puts his hand on his hip in a weird fashion and says, "What, shoot me. Shoot me." After what felt like 3 minutes which was probably only 15 seconds of me giving him the command to step back he turned around and walked away towards the library again. We waited for the police to arrive, and flagged down one of the university cops. He was surprisingly cool about the whole thing and said the call never went out on dispatch. Later that night there were two robberies with a knife by an individual who matched my guys description. Following the incident I had the shakes from all the adrenaline, and Its something I definitely wont ever forget. All I can say is thank God I had my Glock and knew what to do.
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