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Originally Posted by tsmo1066 View Post
I run into the same when we're on the family land in Missouri. It's about 120 acres in a very rural area, the land is fenced (cattle wire), road is gated, etc. and STILL we would find deer blinds, "party spots" improvised shooting ranges and such out there all the time.

I've never actually caught anyone "in the act", but I've recovered several good deer stands, an automated deer feeder and even some parts of what looked like a whiskey still once!

Fortunately, things have gotten better out there since a neighbor up the road (an utterly insane but honest redneck), asked us if his three sons could hunt the property a few years back. We obliged and since then his "boys" have pretty much acted as enforcers and have kept the riff-raff and poachers at bay when we're not around.
Dude, you took my best deer blind!
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