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Originally Posted by Z71bill View Post
Is there a standard for +P & +P+ in .380 auto?

I purchased a P-3AT 6 years ago - I still carry it when I walk the dog - go get the mail - while taking a bike ride - and as a BUG when I travel.

IMHO the P-3AT is easier to shoot than a J frame size revolver in double action. Long trigger but smooth trigger.
Wow. You may be the first to say that in the history of mouseguns.

Originally Posted by ThinkMud View Post
Not knocking the LCP since I often carry mine when I don't feel like putting a holster on. But someone once said a great quote. Something like "Carrying is about confidence, never about comfort"

I try not to carry less than a 26 or 27 most of the time. But +p .380 sounds better than nothing!
Clint Smith said, "A handgun is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable. . . wear the biggest gun you can."
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