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Originally Posted by vote Republican View Post
"Dawkins had a superficial wound in his left arm, but Henderson was shot in two places: his left buttock and his right hip."

So maybe you immobilize one of the guys with a .45. I guess the one that got hit in the arm, if it had been 10mm, it would have taken his arm off at the shoulder.
Nay, good sir.
Had it been a mighty 10mm it would have taken everyone's shoulders off in the line of fire for more than 15 miles.

The smallest pistol I holster is a Glock 30. If I just need to dump one in my pocket, it's a J-frame revolver. I suggest that 5 158-grainers at 800 feet per second beats 7 90 grainers at 1100 feet per second. Kinetic energy is about the same --- anemic, but better than throwing rocks.

Note that the standard .45 ACP 230-grain ball delivers more than twice the kinetic energy than a .380 ACP or .38 Special can.

What about a J-frame in .357 Magnum, you ask? A reasonable choice, far better than a tiny bullet at mediocre velocity, but they are a bit punishing.
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