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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
Instead of a pocket (expletive omitted) why not get a real gun in a real caliber. Such as 9x19 or larger?

There are plenty of small compact guns that fire a far more potent cartridge than the .380. I can't see why anyone can justify carrying a cartridge with the lousy track record that the .380 has.

It's your life not mine. I guess America loves it's fads more than logic.

Have at it there chisel chest!

Do you know the first rule of a gunfight? Bring a gun.

I know plenty of macho types who turn their nose up at mouse guns, who simply do not carry in circumstances where their bigger, heavier weapon is impractical or impossible to carry.

I can clip my P3AT into the waistband of a pair of jogging shorts or sweatpants and never even notice that it is there. Show me a nine you can do that with. I tell people that my P3AT is what I carry when I can't carry a gun. I would much rather have that in my hand than my Johnson, if trouble finds me though.

I usually carry a 5" Kimber CDP, but I am not always dressed in a way where I can carry it. I am always carrying something though. Eric
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