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Update - Really like my Pro 1000

It's been a little over a month since I got my refurbished Pro 1000 from Lee and I have loaded about 500 rounds of 9mm on it so far.

Initially I loaded approx 50 rounds without using the case feeder to get the feel of the machine. Then I installed the case feeder (with the optional case collator for loading the cases into the case feed tubes) and ran about 100 rounds.

Then - I purchased an optional bullet feeder for for the Pro 1000 from MidwayUSA and installed it. Set-up of the bullet feeder took a fair amount of time due to poor printed documentation that came with the bullet feeder. During set up I watched a couple of YouTube vids to clarify how the bullet feeder should be properly set up. After longer than expected set-up time and adjusting of the bullet feeder it is working as it is supposed to.

Comment - The bullet feeder does speed up the loading process but not by a whole lot. The amount of time needed to fill the bullet feed tubes is not that much less than than the amount of time that you would use to place each bullet on a charged case if you did not have the bullet feeder.

Overall, if I had it to do over again, I think I would still get the bullet feeder. Though it doesn't speed loading time up that much it does simplify the loading process. No reaching to get a bullet and place it on a charged case. Less motion involved in loading each round. Just pull the handle and get a completed round.

I have also done a simple mod to the primer tray that I saw on YouTube, to simplify loading the primer tray on the machine.

I was somewhat wary of ordering the Pro 1000 due to all of the bad reviews and comments about it but for me it is working out great. Would I but another Pro 1000? Damn right I would.

Though I used my Lee Turret press for 1000's of 9mm's in the past the Pro 1000 is now my press for 9's and I love it. My Lee Turret press is now used for .40 S&W and other calibers that I shoot less of.
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