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Originally Posted by Aceman View Post
Anyone who says there is a definitive answer is either telling you their personal preferences, or they don't know both platforms. Gotta be a big boy and call this yourself.

I prefer Mossberg, but Remington is just as good. And, if we lived in a world without Mossberg, I'd be just as happy.

I do understand what you are saying though. I'll make this very interesting point if you want to take it to that level.

A Remington 7600 RIFLE is exactly like an 870 Shotgun, except of course it comes in flavors like .308, .30-06, .270, and if you find a 7600P model, in .223 and they accept AR mags.

Floated barrel, extremely accurate, fast follow-ups, and can keep your eye on another target. Excellent choice for deer. Or anything else...

How's that for manual of arms consolidation and gear interchangeability?
AR, 870, 7600 and 7600p
Perfect example of what the OP was wanting to do. Sad thing is the 7615 Patrol rifle was discontinued due to flat sales.. As Ace said it is an 870 but in rifle caliblers. This weapon was built for LEO who would then have the same weapons system in a long gun. The .223 takes AR mags but the .308 takes the 7600 mag.

Last time I was at the factory they offered to Certify us on the 7615 if we came to class early. I did. Have yet to see one being used or have one come in for work but I find it interesting that they offered the Armorers Certifcation for a Discontinued weapon. Makes me think it might be coming back.
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