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This whole team thing isn't terrible in principle, but in practice it looks like it will be a complete disaster. For starters, it was rammed down our throats without even an attempt to get feedback from the troops. It was hastily thrown together at the last second, and is practically GUARANTEED to collapse next year once it takes effect. The admin is so painfully shortsighted, that they are incapable of seeing how the team plan will utterly fail with the staffing levels they have provided. We are already dangerously understaffed at current levels, yet the city thinks it is a good idea to reduce weekday staffing by an additional three bodies per district/per shift. We just had that incident last week where it took over an hour to respond to an aggravated DOMV in-progress due to call-load, where the victim ended up dead. And that was with CURRENT staffing levels. And as expected, hizzoner The Chief stood tall in front of the news cameras and proceeded to place blame on the PATROL OFFICERS! He's going to initiate an IA investigation into the incident! What a disgusting excuse for a leader. Of course, I guess we shouldn't expect any better coming from the same chief that, when Ofc. Hollis was murdered by a gangbanging POS that shot her in the head, goes on the news that same night and claims it was a f'n ACCIDENT, disavows any gang connection, and basically vindicates the suspect from a 1st degree murder charge in front of the media.

Back on track... Personally, I wouldn't be so bad with it if they hadn't made it one-year assignments. I think if team voting was done quarterly, or at least semi-annually, people would be more receptive to it. A one year lock-in is just daunting.
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