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Originally Posted by Lonestar 48 View Post
My foundation isn't made of herbs, it wasn't built by Chinese doctors, I'm not offering advice that could kill anyone, and I'm not going to open my own foundation company, so you three from the other thread, and you know who I'm talking about, don't start arguing over here!

We bought our house 8 years ago and it came with a foundation warranty as there had been some repairs. This year, we're getting some Grand Canyon sized cracks going. Almost a chihuahua in one of them, but despite the advice here, I jumped in and saved him.

I called the foundation company to get the warranted repairs going, and I was told the sellers never paid the $100 fee and transferred the warranty, so there is no warranty. Guys, give me some suggestions; do I have any recourse?
Here you likely would and the statute of limitations on suing on written contracts here is 15 years. Go talk to a real estate lawyer and see what you can do in your state.
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