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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
I don't think you get how this "internet forum" thing works. Once a thread is started, it has a life of its own, you don't "own" it or get to control what's said.

Having said that:

Does the paperwork that you got when you bought the house explicitly say it was the sellers' responsibility to transfer the warranty to you?
You have to admit that the other thread turned, what I thought, was a valid question into a verbal assault on a poor little herbalist.

It does say "Foundation Warranty" but does not explicitly state that the buyer was to transfer it. In the copy of the company's warranty that they sent, it does explicitly say that the seller is to transfer the warranty and pay the fee.

I feel like the seller is still responsible, but if they balk, the input I'm looking for is what do I do then? Just fishing for some "friendly" suggestions.

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