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Originally Posted by PocketProtector View Post
My new Gen. 4, G26 had been flawless through 200 rounds. Last week went to the range with:

1. Speer 124gr. Gold Dots +P
2. Underwood 115gr Gold Dots +P+

All 50 Speers ran flawlessly.

2nd round of Underwood's completely looked up my G26. Could not eject the round at all. Wasn't sure if the round in the chamber was live or spent.

So, dropped the mag and counted rounds, and rounds on target, and concluded the chambered round was spent.

Removed the slide, and had one hell of a time removing the barrel. Had to drive the case out from the barrel end with a rod and hammer.

Inspected the barrel, reassembled and fired another 20 Speers, again flawlessly.

So, now have 48 rounds of Underwoods and not sure what to do.

Caliber Corner

Caliber Corner
Those casings show signs of excessive pressure, which is pretty obvious based on them being stuck in the barrel as well.

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