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Originally Posted by GIockGuy24 View Post
Marlin relocated and has all new workers. The new plant lacked the workers that had experience and Marlin shutdown the plant for a while to sort out the issues caused by the move.
This is what's sad.

Remlin/Marlington basically put the "old guys" out to pasture, and moved the equipment to NY.
The "old guys" were given (I think) a month to train their replacements.

Sorry. . . . you CANNOT train someone in a month, to do what you've been doing for years!!
One month does NOT equal 20. . . 25 . . . 30 (or more) years or experience.

With that said, I have a PRE-Remlin/Marlington 1895G and 1895CB, and they are works of art.
Slick action. Smooth as butter.

I also have a Pre 'move' -Remlin/Marlington 1894CB (call it a transition gun) in .44 magnum, and it is smooth, but, the fit and finish are not as good as my 1895s.

Still . . . .Remlin/Marlington will never get their hands on it, again. (Unless something catastrophic happens!)
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