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Originally Posted by arnettjd10 View Post
I have been debating on getting a pistol in 357 Sig, i really like the 9mm and this round is like a 9mm on steroids. But i sit down and watched Tnoutdoors9 tests and wrote down all the results. After going back and looking at them i found that 357 Sig 125 gr had a velocity of about 1,336 fps with about 14.50in of penatration. The Underwood 9mm +P+ 124 gr shot at 1,298 fps with about 13.25in of penatration. So now im thinking that with the high cost of 357 Sig ammo and barely better performance over the 9mm that i would be crazy to buy a handgun in 357 Sig, not to mention the reduced round magazine capacity. But i know to achieve the results of the 9mm test i am pretty much limited to Underwood ammo. (all of the tests on this ammo that i have seen has been great!) So my questions are: I want everybodys opinion on Underwood ammo and why would people buy a gun in 357 Sig when u can get pretty much the same results with cheaper ammo and more magazine capacity with the 9mm?
Are those your Chronograph results or the claimed manufacturer's #'s?.

Food for thought. Ive been reloading a while now, and one thing every handloader notices is that he highest possible velocity is not usually the most accurate. In fact its sometimes crappy. Each caliber handgun is going to have a barrel.twist that is optimized for the ballistics of the caliber. I'm willing to bet that a 357 SIG pushed at 357 SIG velocity is going to be more accurate than a 9mm pushed to velocities that are outside the norm for the caliber. I'm also willing to bet that those same rounds are pushing even stretching what the caliber IA intended to handle. If Underwood loads their ammo that hot they are an acccident waiting to happen. The probability of it happeneing is going to be in the extreme spread. I highly doubt they are hand weighing each loads powder charge....

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