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Originally Posted by fuzzy03cls View Post
What's the point of the class? You need a valid reason to get approved. And those are not easy to get.
I don't have access to official data, but my guess is 99% of the people who take the required safety class get their "NYS permit to carry pistol". That is the most common pistol permit. Without a permit they cannot possess a handgun in NYS.

What I can't tell you is how many then have administrative restrictions placed on their permit. Those restrictions may say they can't carry unless hunting or target shooting. Or whatever else. They are administrative because the permit itself allows concealed carry with very few exceptions written in law. But if you violate the administrative restrictions, you can have your permit pulled.

The use of administrative restrictions (the conditions under which a judge says he/she is giving you a permit) vary by county, and vary by judges within counties, and vary by individual applicant.

All I can say is I'm unrestricted, my wife is unrestricted, and I know a lot of people who are unrestricted. I also know some people who are always heading to hunting, or on their way to target shooting. I also know that restrictions can be removed by persuading the judge to remove them. How to do that depends on the judge.

None of this pertatains to NYC, which has a whole different set of rules

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