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Pierce extension issue

Originally Posted by AlDmz54 View Post
Purchased 1st Glock (26) late Aug '12. Waiting on CCW permit to come (Fl resident). Home gun is M&P9.

I have pinky extension on G26 mags. Found that they have a sharp edge between extension and mag well. Used #150 sandpaper to taper edge on bottom of pinky extension. Will go to range later this week to see if this is the cure. Has anyone out there encountered this problem with the mag extensions on G26? If so, what have you done to fix this problem? AlDmz54
Well, sandpapering down the edge of the pierce extensions worked out well. I know longer feel the straight edge lip of the extension pinching my pinky. I will try as stated before taking off one of the extensions and see I it feels shooting the G26 with the pinky hanging underneath the grip.
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