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Originally Posted by bunk22 View Post
I'm a big fan of kydex, my primary carry is a Raven Phantom with another from I like OWB and mine are very comfortable but again, what works for me won't for someone else.
I'm with bunk22 here. I am a huge fan of Raven Concealment. I have Phantoms for my Glock 21, my M&P9 and another for my M&P with thumb safety. Plus I have their shotgun Modu-Loader system and magazine carriers for my guns. Raven is a stand-up company that has unconditional lifetime product guarantees. It doesn't matter when you bought it or where you bought it, they will repair/replace your Raven if anything happens to it. You buy a Raven from anyone other than Raven, they will still honor the warranty...that is freakin strong!

Kydex can wear a bit on your slide but I have countless draws and holsterings with all my guns in all my Ravens and it is minimal. The retention is great, they conceal brilliantly and I use mine every day. It is my daily carry holster and my IDPA holster. They are tough enough to use in training where you use the side of the holster to rack the slide of the gun; to clear jams... I'm sold on quality Kydex holsters and accessories.

I'm don't own a Bravo Concealment product but they look of a higher quality than many of the Raven Phantom knock-offs out there and if I couldn't buy a Raven first, I'd look to Bravo Concealment next.

Also the Phantom is modular, like the other Kydex pancake designs are, and you can order multiple belt mounts to turn your one holster into both an IWB and OWB with just a few changes. Brilliant design.
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