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When it comes to EDC pocketknives I always check the, 'CLEARANCE' section on Smokey Mountain's website before I buy. Over the years I've found some really good deals on quality knives listed for sale, here. (I, also, give pocketknives as gifts! Made a lot of close friends doing this, too!)

Look at this! I carry one with me all of the time. It takes a razor-sharp edge; and never rings anybody's, 'alarm bells'. Many times the tweezers and toothpick have saved me from either this discomfort, or that. I particularly like it, too, because the blade locks in place. If you know how to use a knife effectively then a small pocketknife like this can be all the blade you'll ever really need.

(The one I carry is, now, close to 30 years old. If you lose the toothpick or tweezers you can purchase replacements. It's a just plain very good pocketknife!)

Here's another one I like. In fact I've been thinking about replacing my old, 'working' Swiss Army with a new one of these:

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