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Originally Posted by NRA UR2 View Post
Thank You very much to those members who responded to my request for suggestions concerning carrying my Glock 36. I have several High Noon rigs I use in 5 of my Various Smith J-frames. Right now my favorite is a 340PD Scandium/Titanium from which I shoot 158gr +P JHP's...quite a bit of kick from such a light piece.. carry it in a hand sewn piece of jean material which eliminates print but allows me to carry it in my front pocket. Its reinforced in the cylinder area and fits tightly around the piece so that when withdrawn the holster comes out with the gun to eliminate unnecessary trigger contact. Occasionally I carry The Sig P239 in 357 Sig. Its considered a hideout piece but it weighs an arm and a leg more than the Airweights. Hence I said "occasionally". NOT Good. I hope to remedy this light vs heavy problem with my 36. I've always liked shooting 45's and I'm almost convinced to go with the heavier bullets as I'd rather plow the field than seed the grass. But first, I'll buy some +P230's and compare them to regular 230's JHP I guess I,m getting a little long winded so will make one more request of you gentlemen. All of my carries are Crimson Traced. Have either of you CT'd your 36 and if so what are your thoughts on this addition. Also is there a thin rubber grip sleeve you use in warm weather when your hands are sweatty?

Thanks, NRA Benefactor
Never used a laser on any gun. I am a night sights kind of guy. I have XS Big Dots on my G36. I love them. I personally never saw the need for a laser. Any defensive shooting is going to be at 20 feet or less, most likely 10 feet or less. If you need a laser to make at hit at that range, you've got problems. Heck, one doesn't even need sights to put a few bullets into center mass as 10 feet. Plus a laser is just another thing to break, make the gun bulkier and run out of battery juice. The G36 was designed to be thin, obviously. I wouldn't want to ruin that at all.

Never used a grip sleeve either for that same reason. Never had a problem losing my grip.

If you don't have the Pearce +O grip extension for your mags, I highly recommend them. They only add 3/8", provide room for your pinky finger on the grip and allow a better grip to help prevent that thin, little .45 from squirming under fire. But I've never had that issue. .45 acp is a large bullet, but also a low-pressure round. I've always found it to be pretty soft-shooting. Some +P rounds can get kinda stout, but you're not going to be shooting hundreds of them anyway. And in a defensive shooting, you aren't going to be gripping the gun like a weakling, I'd imagine. You'll probably have the death grip on it.
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