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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Staying away from the "tactical" arena since I wouldn't gift something along those lines unless it was a personal friend, I would want some quality and "neutrality" as it were and a touch of class to it.

While it doesn't make the "Made in USA" qualification, I picked one of these up about three weeks ago and I may order a couple more to keep in the "box o'gifts that we have for occasions. I like minr and it is a bit lees "dramatic" than one of my assisted openers, when you have to cut something in "polite" society

If the link doesn't work, or you are lazy, I can post a pic up if you catch me before I go to bed.
I'm partial to the traditional style, too, and the bone handles are my favorite. The knife posted by countrygun is real similar to the Buck brand 110 model I often carry (about $40-$45), but the Buck has smooth handles; you might say it is a little more 'refined' looking and it has a blade lock. I don't know where they're made.

I like a single-blade around 3.5" long for a general purpose carry knife. The Kershaw looks good. Check out the Buck line, too, for quality and a variety of sizes.

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