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Me and my wife were on a one lane private road on my motorbike. A truck was coming the other way and I really had to squeeze my bike, me, and my wife between a concreted fence when we passed each other. My engine had stalled and my bike(125cc yamaha) had only a kickstarter. When the truck passed me while I was trying to start the bike, I heard the trucks brakes squeal and I looked back. I see the effing driver walking towards us with a g*****n POS rambo knife in his hand. I sweep back the missus off the bike with my left arm and jump off the bike(letting it fall). The guy was still about 15 feet away when I drew my G22. I had never seen a person move so fast back into the cab. This guy had a really dark skin tint but he managed to look really green in the gills.
Guns don't kill, proper sight picture and trigger control does.

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So what makes all human life so valuable? Who said? A cooky religion?
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