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We've done a team schedule for the last two years. It certainly has its benefits, like being able to do shift training on the overlap day. However I work for a pretty small department that is short staffed. Our minimum is supposed to be 3 officers and a Sgt per shift, however due to staffing levels, and vacations we are sometimes running 2 officers on weekend shifts, which isn't enough. If we went away from the team schedule the shortage could be better spread out.

We also work shifts in 3 month blocks, so everybody will work every shift in a year, which makes things fair for the new guys but sucks for people with seniority who would prefer to work the same shift.

It also really blows if your team mates are people that you don't work with because you are stuck with them for the entire year. Our overlap day (Friday) should be stacked in theory, however people seem to take that day off on a regular basis, leaving us with the minimum.

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