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Kydex Holsters - Bravo Concealment. Opinions?

Hey All, So I'm probably rushing things a little bit but as they take a while to build I'm already thinking about a holster for my (soon to be) Glock 19. To start with it's going to be a range gun. I want to get very comfortable with it and I plan on taking a few courses. Then I plan on taking my CCW training and getting my card. As I'm in college and I can't carry at either of my jobs I won't be carrying much during the school year but I'm still looking at holsters. (Wow long intro... I'll get to the point)

First off Kydex.. Good? Bad? Experiences. Tips. Etc.
I'm new to the gun community. Although I've shot before and I know the basics this will be my first gun. I'll be using it as a CCW when I get to that point. I've looked at a fair amount of holsters and I like the idea of some better than others.

For example I am a 5'10" medium build college student. I live in southern MN. A tactical drop holster (SERPA anyone?) is great for the range but thats the only time I would get to use it. I'm looking for a good starter holster but I'm not afraid to spend some money on it... if its worth it.

A lot of people make Kydex. I've heard great things about Bravo Concealment ( And I really like the idea of a IWB holster with J hooks. (Minimal evidence of a gun to anyone else). Opinions of the sweat guards? I don't like the idea of the big leather sweat guards some places use.

I really want IWB and J hooks or some tuckable hooks are a must. I wear dress shirts often and I need hooks that will still allow me to do this. Dress with the gun, not around it, right?

So with that if you have opinions I want to hear them! If you have stories or links post them. Tips for me? Thanks!

I was looking at the regular Kydex Gun Holster. Right handed, IWB with J hooks, 10 Degree cant, Medium sweat guard. .06 Black

Thanks again!
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