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Originally Posted by Triple7 View Post
I was on a hwy about 12am driving to my brothers house with my wife and kids in the car. A punk in a beater car pulled out in front of me and I going 20 I'm going 60. I flash my lights in a "hey get out of the way" type way. The dude slams on the brakes and I almost rear end him. By now I'm furious cause he endangered my kids life, and my wife can see it.
So the guy jumps out of his car and starts "come at me bro" and I throw my car in park.
He keeps advancing and I draw as I move my angle away from my car. He sees me draw, which was the quickest smoothest draw I've ever done, even in practice....and the guy about falls down running back to his car. My wife was really freaked out but more glad that I didn't unload on the kid.
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