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We do teams as well but its for the whole year, 4/10's overlap on Wednesday for everyone. Teams are chosen in November for the following year, based mostly by seniority but I am told that specially trained members can be asked to join other teams based on need for the team in need.

I am in Detentions at the SO but everyone I know in Patrol says its the same so if I missed anything I apologize.

I like our setup as it gives everyone a saturday or a sunday off, I'm A side so I work Sunday through Wednesday, next year I am on the same side but swings instead of days. I like the way it is but to be honest I haven't been here for a year yet so I'm at the bottom and when I make Deputy I start over for seniority (Sucks but it was my choice). The seniority thing can be tough since I am a hunter and so is most of my team LOL, but I can't complain, the department is also favorable to trading shifts to help people get their time off so that helps a bunch.

I like the team concept, but I can see the pro's and con's, you always have the Members who don't play well with others, I have no complaints with my current team, they kick butt, next years team looks to be stronger and I have a good relationship with those on the team so I look forward to the change.

Hope this helps
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