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We do teams up north.

Five districts or beats, so five beat cars. Then a minimum of one "general" car (usually two) and K9 coverage (we have three dogs) plus a Sgt and usually a patrol commander on duty (0700-0100). I am the senior guy on my team which makes me a general car so I roam the whole AOR, don't get dispatched to paper calls unless the district car is tied up, act as cover and go on hot calls or leave the AOR to assist on clusters in other cities (Aurora shooting) and am acting sergeant when he is sick or on vacation.

We do 10s. With an overlap day where both teams for days, swings, or graves (each a different day) double up. Also allows coverage for training and in service etc. Or saturation patrols or special duties, two man cars etc.

Works decent. We bid at the end of October for the next year. Three rotations four months a piece. Based on seniority. Vacation bids are at the same time with flexibility for the rest of the year as needed and available. You can't do three rotations in a row of one particular shift. So next year I'm doing swings/days/swings.

Senior guy again first, then low seniority on days and back to senior on swings.
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