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Opinions on Teams for Shifts

Starting next year we are going to the "team concept" on our shifts. Traditionally each shift has voted days off on a month to month basis by seniority allowing you to take whatever days off you wanted / needed depending on your seniority. If you were the top guy you could get any day off you wanted and could take off all major holidays. The down side to the way it has been is if you're at the bottom you get what is left and may end up with split days off and you may get bounced to a different shift for vacation coverage. Vacations were then voted at the end of each year for the next year against each officer of the same rank in the entire district usually allowing for a decent vacation if you have any seniority. Normally being on the bottom isn't a big deal because you did your time there and quickly got seniority to get better days off within a year or so. The problem is we have not hired since 2008 and those on the bottom have not gotten it any better and those of us in the middle, like myself, have actually gone backwards in seniority due to transfers and people quiting.....

Those of you who know where I work understand the changes we've been going though and how our chief is. He has now changed the way we do things and had us vote teams for next year. Each shift has four teams (A-D) on working 4 10's with different days off for each team. There are going to be two teams working on any given day to provide covrage as each team is only 1/2 of normal shift staffing levels. We are then voting vacation against the team baised on seniority with only one block open to the team open each period allowing us less options for vacation slots.

I'm curious if anyone is or has been on a similar type of team concept and what you guys think of it.....
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