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I own a Nighthawk T3. It arrived with a slide stop problem, and the ambi safety was not what the sales rep told me (multiple times) it would be. They wouldn't fix the ambi safety, and accused me of lying about what the rep told me. I had to pay shipping to Nighthawk to get the slide stop fixed. They made a big deal over the fact they would pay shipping back. I would never touch one of their products again. Considering that part of the price of a "high end 1911 is service, the are overpriced, unreliable out of the box, and have piss poor service.

I also own a Springfield Custom (TGO 1) and I would rate it's accuracy and reliability as good or better than anything near it in price. I had the same ambi safety problem with it (that's how I knew to address that with Nighthawk when I placed the order) and they not only paid shipping both ways, they bought a Bullet Proof safety from Wilson and still got the TGO back to me the same week.
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