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Originally Posted by K00R View Post
/start irritated by the wife rant

My military past has driven and pounded a fierce level of consistency into me. Everything I own gets placed in the exact same spot, the exact same way. Now something being slightly off won't bother me it's not OCD level. But not in the same location entirely, you may as well have launched into outer space because there is no chance in hell I'll find it.

She on the other hand, will just kind place things wherever. Magically always found by her when she needs it. My stuff that she uses, while knowing where it is, and where it's supposed to be when she is done with... Vanishes into thin air. In the past week she somehow lost tools from my small portable tool kit, which isn't so small it's about 3 feet wide by 1 foot tall and 1 foot deep. Which used to contain just about any tool for on the go repairs (screwdrivers, pliers, and dremel a drill, you get the idea) roughly $1000 worth of tools, vanished into thin air. While cleaning out the storage closet and rearranging she made my tactical Assault bag vanish... Containing 35 magpul magazines (fully loaded...) my chest rig, my plate carrier, pretty much all of my old military gear. I've found bits and pieces of that stuff scattered throughout the house over the past few days. Now today, when I decided to refinish my sig sauer since it got rather worn, I took the Surefire x300 and the grips off, placing them next to the tv in our bedroom, and go out to the garage. I come back a few hours later here she decided to rearrange the entire bedroom. Guess where those grips and x300 went? Vanished. None of this she recalls seeing or ever moving. Now I know some people are thinking she is selling my ****. I've been dealing with this for years, it will eventually resurface in the most unusual spot one could imagine.

Hopefully I will eventually resolve this issue... While her stuff can be placed in any spot wherever it's always easily located by her as previously stated. Now... God forbid I go into the kitchen and (which she flawlessly maintains at an OCD-like level of consistency) and move anything one millimetre but it's ok to make my stuff vanish for weeks at a time and eventually resurface, and when I get pissed about it I'm the bad guy.

/end irritated by the wife rant
I have a sililar situation, I simply lock my tools in cabinets or move them to my office(reloading equipment). Then she starts moving furniture around.................... I sympathize........ DOC
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