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I've owned four Target IIs in calibers 9MM and .38 Super. I have had excellent luck with all four. All were reliable with any ammo I fed them, to include ball, hollow points, flat points, Nato, +P, 9MM+P+, reloads, etc. Nothing broke on any of them, except, very recently the rear of a factory 9MM magazine split where it was welded. I doubted it was in warranty as I've had this particular gun for about five years, IIRC. To be honest, I don't recall what Kimber's warranty is as I've never had to contact them before with any issues. I decided to call Kimber anyway. They replaced the magazine, no questions asked, other than where to send the new magazine. My experience with Kimber causes me to believe the Target IIs are good quality guns, well worth the asking price. My remaining, mildly modified, 9MM Target II goes with me to the range every time. It just always works...

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