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No!!! Don't get rid of her. There is hope for her! I used to be anit-HANDgun. And totally oblivious to crime even while being a single mother living with her 4 year old son in the middle of FLINT! (Flint Michigan, ever heard of it? NOT the safest place.)

You're thread is really inspiring to me. I am trying to find different ways to get girls into guns, to retrain their way of thinking like my mind has turned around. I have recently started putting videos on Youtube to help guys like yourself or girls who need to learn more about guns. I haven't gotten far nor have I done a good job in expressing what I want to say.

But like the guys said above showing her the basics, not pushing her too far WILL help, getting another girl involved will help. More than likely, a hot instructor will NOT help. LOL! Here is one of my videos to help. (There is better out there on Youtube, I'm sure.) But I will get a REAL good one for the girls with the whole, "This will NEVER happen to me because..." issue.

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