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I feel like if more people would OC and cooperate, that it would become more normal and more accepted. Let all the local LEOs know that you're not the bad guys.

Make cooperative, peaceful OC the norm, and eventually the norm will be that LE doesn't even bother OCers.

As long as the OC crowd appears to be beligerent, unreasonable, anti-establishment, poor-legal-verbiage-wielding, argumentative individuals, OC will continue to be rejected by both anti-gun LE agencies, and the anti-gun "hoplophobiac" crowd.

When OC morons misquote or misapply Terry V Ohio and other laws and SCOTUS decisions, then post in on YouTube, they paint everybody else with the same brush.

Guns in public (and firearms in general) became abnormal and limited step by step. Slowly, over the last fifty years. Funny, in 50 years everybody seems to have forgotten one of the greatest wars we've ever fought, and the largest modern society has ever seen.

On that note, that's how the Left has won their battles so far. That's how the German citizens had their firearms confiscated.

Adolf Hitler didn't sign the first Anti-Gun registration in Germany. That happened 10 years earlier in 1919 after Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles. More regulations followed in 1920. Hitler wasn't appointed chancelor until 1933.

Another chancelor enacted stricter regulations in 1938. All the gun regulations happened BEFORE Hitler. He just took advantage of them.

It took a World War 1 and ten years of treaties and regulations for German citizens disarmed.

It took the same amount of time for Hitler to get his Nazi-regime in place and kill off his opponents.

Small incrimental changes in society.

Major societal changes take time.

It has taken three generations for mine to become as lazy as it is. And as connected to technology.

We're not going to change societal opinion quickly or by huge, drastic, changes while being a pain in the ass.

Slow and steady wins the race. Small changes eventually add up to big changes and societal changes, which is how society wound this way in the first place.

I posit if we fight back the same way we will find ourselves to be more successful.

Again, I SUPPORT OUR 2A RIGHTS 100%! I believe we SHOULD change society's perspective of firearms for the sake of our Nation and our society's survival.
I just think there's a better way to do it without looking crazy or doing stupid *$%& that results in MORE regulations.
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