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Originally Posted by debbert View Post
I like my dog more than I like most people. She will protect me, and I will protect her, if I can.
I feel the same way about my cats. What's weird is a few years ago I wasn't a animal person. I even called someone stupid in a old thread that died in the process of trying to save their dog.

Man how things change. I never had pets when I was a kid so I never understood the bond there was to be had with them. One little kitty came into my life and changed that. Now I can't think of life without them.

I would die saving my cats. People can call me what they will but I don't care. I was that person once and believe me I understand that they aren't able to relate or understand how we feel about it. They give us unconditional love and represent everything that us humans should be but often aren't.

I'm glad for and I'm forever grateful to that sweet little kitty that came into my life and changed me forever. God rest him.
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