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Originally Posted by Merkavaboy View Post
For those who would risk their life to save a stranger, feel free to answer this question:

Assuming that you have family/friends who love you and/or rely on you to keep them safe, do you think that they will miss you and mourn your death more than that stranger you tried to save?

OR, would your loving spouse, child, mother, father, brother, sister, close friend etc. mourn the loss of YOUR life more than that of the stranger if you we're to lose YOUR life trying to save a stranger?

Just how selfish would you be if you were to sacrafice your life over that of a stranger?
I've changed one word, but you could still apply that exact same logic. So I guess all those people who risk their lives to save strangers are a bunch of selfish A-holes too, huh?
"I am the sum of all evil...yet many still seek me out; a green jewel they must possess. But see how I destroy their lives."

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