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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post

Ironically, the only survivor was the dog. When people overly anthropomorphize animals into pseudo-humans, this sort of thing happens. No dog is worth the death of an entire family.
agreed, saw that animals are animals yeah we fall in love with them but thats just it they are still animals. If I could with a Minimum of risk save a pet I would do it..but if id have to honestly have to risk mine or a family members life to do so thats when you have to remember that no matter how attached we get that they are just that Animals and not worth risking life for IMO. of course others will have different opinions...thats fine...I dont insist that they agree with I think its foolish to value our pets lives as much as ours yes. I think God gave humans something special he didnt give to animals...and thus I value human life over animals. (Well most human life I should say there are some that would never be worth saving but thats another subject...( im not talking criminals,dirt bags, etc or any of those types)

I read that article earlier today and quickly thought..nope id not have done that id have stopped the rest of my family from doing that either. Id have felt horrible but i also known id have made the right decision.

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