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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
If you are a carnivore, then clearly you can distinguish that animal life is expendable for the use of humans. Therefore, valuing animal life about human life doesn't work. Like I said, 20 year old Christmas lights.

If it was a choice between my wife and children and the dog, the dog goes.

It must be too much city living, I don't get it.
Not all animals are pets.

I couldn't give a rat's ass if a Japanese cow got killed so that I can have kobe steak and the sweet honey gets a nice handbag. If somebody were to try to kill my pet cow for food, then we'd have some serious problems resulting in death and violence of human beings.

I couldn't give a rat's patooey if my next door neighbor's dog were to drown. However, I'd risk my life to save my dog.

I don't have a wife, but if I were to have one and it's between her and my dog, I'd have to flip a coin. My dog doesn't nag on me. Nor does it want my credit cards to go buy shoes.

I hope that makes it clear for you.
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