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Originally Posted by Gallium View Post
I heard this on the news, and was wondering what time Bren was going to start the thread.

I don't think your narration of what transpired is entirely accurate.

  • "Boy" is a 16 yr old.
  • He threw a stick in the ocean, the dog went to get it
  • The boy went to get the dog (1st bad idea)
  • The dad went to get the boy.
  • The boy emerged from the water, did not see his dad
  • Mom and boy went to find dad
  • All three perish
  • The dog (very naturally) is upwind a bit wondering where everyone is.
Very very tragic. When I was 12yrs old I MIGHT have gone in after my dog as well. We don't know the mindset of the boy, and/or his level of emotional development/maturity.
It all started with the teenager running off to "save dear doggie". That has to be a value that is taught and observed. Ask a rancher about dogs. If they became expensively injured, you dig a hole. You don't run down to the local animal clinic and mortage the ranch.
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