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I've Got A Novella Published!

Howdy all,

This subforum's so quiet it feels like I'm whistling in church, so I'll try to keep it brief. I've been doing freelance writing for RPGs and wargames for a while now, but I just got my first stand-alone piece of pure fiction published.

It clocks in at about 100 pages, and the setting is a mix of urban fantasy (it's the modern day but magic is real, think "Harry Potter" or "The Dresden Files") crossed with cyberpunk ("Blade Runner" or things like that, similar near-future work).

The story follows a hard-boiled private eye type of character, Jimmy Kincaid, as he tries to untangle a missing persons case. There's magic, machines, mobsters, and all sorts of stuff going on besides. And also whiskey, neat.
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--Paul Kirchner
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