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RIP, Mr. Landry. I'm sorry the last few years treated you like I did. Thank you for the good times here on GT, thank you for the conversations, and thank you for being one of the hardest-working, most decent, men I've ever known. You got a raw deal towards the end, but I hope you know just how many folks are remembering you since we got this terrible news.

Rest in piece, my friend. I hope the other side is kinder to do you than this one has been, lately. I'm sorry we couldn't help more, but I hope what help we offered did some good.
"It seems that the least we owe the hero is that we remember him. Without remembrance, without honor, we cannot expect to have such men when we need them. Without an awareness of what has been done, we do not realize what can be done, nor are we inspired to do that which should be done. "
--Paul Kirchner
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